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In addition to the clear, step-by-step explanation to achieve incremental product inventions, this book includes examples of applying the TPM method to a patent and shows how patentable inventions are identified.

Learn a radical inventing method that is agile and lean, and can provide multiple incremental product improvements to existing product lines. Companies will be seriously interested in licensing these improvements.

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Tampa Bay Inventors Council Book Review
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It’s a short read and you can’t help but pick up a few pointers worth more than the price of the book. - Editor GM


Gold Award Finalist in
the How To category
2016 San Francisco Book Festival
Winner in the HOW-TO category



"Stephen Malak's TPM strategy will save you a lot of time and money and significantly increase your chances of success."
- Henry Pixley, Inventor of the Self-Cleaning Soap Dish,
Syracuse, NY

"Not Your Traditional “How to” patent book. TPM is a brilliant method to turn the inventor’s odds in creating a profitable patent in their favor."
- Steve Shafer, Innovator, Syracuse, NY

  "Idea to licensable product needs to stay ahead of ever shortening technology life cycles- this brilliant book shows how."
- Curt Hannah, Technology Business Manager, Syracuse, NY

  "Quantum Inventing is a revolutionary approach. Similar to the most modern software development methodologies. Agile, powerful, incremental, and quick to get results."
- Isaac Pflaum, Patent Agent, Washington D.C.

"All inventors hoping to profit from their work should read Steven's book. What a refreshing change to see an inventor's guide that is grounded in reality!"
- Ken Spafford, Patent Attorney, Knoxville, TN


About the Author, Stephen Malak

Stephen Malak is an inventor and co-inventor of over 50 US and foreign patents, eight of which were licensed. He has been a design engineer and patent attorney for over 40 years, and served as corporate in-house counsel.

He was a leader on senior management teams, and recommended and directed many IP litigation and enforcement actions. He participated in business operations decision-making, including strategic planning and recommending new products and business opportunities. He helped counsel various corporate divisions through four major acquisitions and helped bring in over $2 million in venture capital funding for a start-up business. He has a solid reputation as a high-level resource on general business, patent legal matters, and technology.

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